Open Source
Supercomputer Management System is an open source project distributed under Apache 2 license intended to scientists and working groups. It aims to create comprehensive toolset for cluster management, grid and cloud access.

Its mission is to develop next generation tools for HPC systems, make them easier to use, monitor, and administrate. key features include versatility, support of wide range of cluster architectures, resource managers (SLURM, Torque, PBS Pro), grid middlewares (ARC/Nordugrid, gLite, Unicore) and cloud technologies (Amazon EC2).

Key features: products help to organize and simplify workflow for scientific and applied parallel software packages such as Abinit, Amber, Gamess, Gaussian, Gromacs, Namd, NWChem, etc.

A convenient service for cluster administration provides means for daily routines of monitoring, user management, error reporting, etc.

The project is founded and developed by a group of Ukrainian supercomputer specialists.

SCMS-EMI: Gate to Grids and Clouds

One of the goals of our project is to support major European grid initiatives like EMI and EGI, hide all purely technical details and to provide unified and flexible HPC interface to scientists.

Since June 2012 the project is a part of EGI Application Database repository.

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